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My Background

Dr Tang Acupuncture clinic established in 2000 by Dr Tang Liman, is a high standard alternative medical facility. We have experienced and qualified medical team. This ensures that the patients attending the clinic receive high quality professional care.

We believe that good health is a state of balance within the body. This balance allows the free flow of energy, blood and nourishment through all tissues and organs. Disease occurs when there is an imbalance of energies, blockage of the energy channels or a disruption of energy flow. Our treatment always aims to bring the body into balance.


My Approach

We activate the self healing system because the body has a natural capacity to stay healthy – to regenerate, improve health and prevent illness, otherwise mankind could not have survived for hundreds of thousands of years before medicine existed.

Modern scientific research confirms that TCM treatment promotes the production of natural healing substances to relieve pain, regulate nerve transmission, enhance the immune system, regulate hormone and blood flow and release natural anti-inflammatory substances.

Our mission is to provide a solution for chronic diseases by using Traditional Chinese Herbs & Acupuncture without side effects. Our doctors have 30 years experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. We provide special treatment as below:

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